mail location GARIAN
VOCAL Levels:Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Styles: Pop, Rock

Whitney Houston, Maria Carey, Christina Aguilera, Tina Turner, Steven Tyler, Tom Jones, John Fogerty, Bon Jovi, Bon Scott, Bono and more.

The vocal method of George Mirchevski is unique. It preserves the individual sound of the students and leads them towards development of their own style. The method is based upon the American model of Pop and Rock singing, including varieties of techniques for warming up, intonation, phrasing, coloring, dynamics, vibrato, microphone performance, and development of wide vocal range. All techniques and exercises are demonstrated in clear and intelligible way. The specific vocal approaches in various styles are examined in detail.

*There are additional classes in Solfeggio, Guitar and Piano available as per the students’ requirements.

  • Rushi Videnliev
  • Nina Nikolina
  • Victoria – “Star Academy”
  • Dido – “Star Academy”
  • Ani – “Antibiotika”
  • Misha and Andrei – “Exitus”
  • Silvia and Anna – Duet “Fresh”
  • Kalin – winner of 1st price in the competition “Star Moments”
  • Alicia – student in the “Vocal Institute of Technology”, Hollywood/USA