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  “I’ve been studying music since my early childhood. My first performances a front of an audience were at the age of six, as a member of different Choirs and Bands. At the age of eight I began studying the Guitar. I continued performing with the school bands in the college, and in 1977 I graduated at the Vocal Faculty of the Bulgarian State Conservatory. Never the less I felt that I need more tuition to be able to perform the music I loved – the American Pop and Rock. While working in the Scandinavian countries as a stage performer, I took coaching from different vocal teachers. Unfortunately most of them were opera singers, and they couldn’t offer what I really needed. I realized that the only way to go further is to study the vocal approaches of my favorite singers, applying the skills and analysis methods developed in my academic education. It turned out there’s a lot to learn.
And I learned.
Throughout the years I experienced variety of different techniques of singing and performing, many of which has never been mentioned in the school books. I tested them in my repertoire of over two thousand songs and after careful selection I choosed out the ones that really worked. I unified them in a method, which at the end gave me the result I wanted. I am still learning.”

                                                                                                   George Mirchevski